3 Things Friends Can Teach Us About House Hunting

Home Buying Process

I’m not sure if it’s the holiday season that's upon us, all the mentions of Friendsgiving, or maybe I am just ready to talk turkey (ha!), but I started thinking about old Friends reruns. And then I thought to myself…The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress episode is full of great lessons for any home buyer. 

Keep reading for 3 things Friends can teach us about house hunting!

1. Have a plan.  The only reason Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe succeeded in Brooklyn is because they had a clear plan. This is so crucial when house hunting, too. You need a well-thought-out plan to execute and a clear checklist to manage expectations (whistles are optional).

2. You get what you pay for.  There’s no doubt that the experience Monica had shopping at the high-end wedding dress boutique was amazing. Kleinman's may have been the cheaper option, but with it came a bad customer experience. They had to fend for themselves, get trampled on, and tackle other customers to leave with what they wanted. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?! To have an incredible home buying experience, look for an agent that offers a high end experience (maybe champagne is involved!) and enjoy the attention and the customer service you deserve.

3. Don't sacrifice what matters most.  Monica had to decide what was more important: her wedding dress or Chandler having the Swing Kings play at their wedding. Sometimes it's hard to decide because there's no right answer; however, deep down Monica knew that the Swing Kings were the right choice for them. Trust your instincts and know what's most important to you when searching for a home.

Unlike what happened to our friend, Monica, our agents will guide you through the home buying process so that your experience goes smoothly, and you wind up with the home you’ve always dreamed of. Use the chat function on our website or contact us here to get started.

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